Self-Care Matters

Check-In, Self-Reflect, and Check-Out  So often we are all moving at a speed so fast, and women especially are typically the ones wearing a lot of hats, men do too, but most women tend to give so much to others and take care of others so much that we forget about ourselves. I know for me there was a time in my life when I thought working long, crazy hours meant I   was a good person and had the best work ethic and on top of the ridiculous hours I was working in the past, I used to pour into the cups of others all day and go above and beyond to make sure everyone was okay. What I mean is - I would be the first to offer help at work if someone was struggling with a deadline, even when I had my own deadlines to meet, or I was that person to be the first available to consult someone, answering phone calls and replying to emails after the typically 9-5 work hours. I even used to spend half my morning texting people I care about to wish them a great day and I wa